Friday, November 5

You know that ChaCha texting service...

Well, since I've been all handicapped and such due to Crohn's disease, I've been determining the most productive ways I could waste my time. I tried answering questions for the ChaCha service for a while, and made 83 dollars. They sent me this ChaCha debit card that gets filled with any money I make, and let me tell you...

It was barely worth it. It's cyber-slave labor. I'm not doing it again....

But it might be your thing, I don't know... Just don't expect much. This will be last resort for me, or when I just want a couple bucks to blow.

Tuesday, November 2

Andy Keyhoe

My Favorite Artist. Thought I should lazily share some of his work with you instead of making a serious post... Been very busy lately.

Sunday, October 24

Declaration of Independence

It is finished. I am no longer living with my parents.

My childhood has hereby arrived at its conclusion.

I've been awfully busy moving out and dealing with medication withdrawal, so I apologize for the undoubtedly distressing lack of blogger action-time. My desktop is all packed up at the moment... I'll be back to full-force blog activity soon.

Wednesday, October 20

Crohn's Update: Methatrexate Injection

You asked for it...

(I apologize for any blurred camera-phone images, my hands are unsteady due to the steroids... and I'm also about to inject myself with a fucking needle.)
 Cat stole my comfy chair...
 Maybe I should inject him instead....
 Filling up. 10 mg.
 And, into my belly...
 All done. Wasn't so bad the second time.
 (That's cat food on the floor, by the way... I don't eat off the carpet.)

Tuesday, October 19

Planning A Short-Story

Been obsessed with they idea of cryonics lately, and I want to start a well-researched short-story project and am wondering what you guys think of the idea.

In essence, this story will be about a man who arranges for his severed head to be cryogenically preserved, and his experiences after being revived, with an artificial body, in the future, and living indefinitely.

I'll be ruminating over several ethical dilemmas, and my own perspective on the future, especially concerning how medical advances, such as the ability to best death, will shape society.

Here are a few interesting plot elements I've been thinking about:

The Man is a billionaire, but after being preserved, it is discovered that his money was acquired illegitimately. I'll have to find some reason for him to still be revived, and also how he will be managed as a criminal after being revived.

How the Man deals with a artificial bionic body, prolonged exposure to cosmic radiation, and his struggles with his own identity and society.

Repo-men like situations with medical advances. Different scenarios such as having your entire extended family frozen for generations... Weird stuff...

What do you think? Any further ideas? Should I go for it?

Sunday, October 17

Passed the 200 Mark

More than 200 faithful followers...

I suppose this is the sort of thing we celebrate around here, so send your congratulations my way.

Many thanks to all of you.

Saturday, October 16

Satisfyingly Accurate Potrayal of the Beck-Psyche

And in other news...

My family is packing up the moving truck today. I only tried moving two boxes and I've been up and down the stairs a few times and I'm completely exhausted. They have the Mormon Army here helping out and I've just been walking around sipping on lemonade, being aloof and all.

I feel like having a chronic illness is a good excuse not to work, but I still feel unreasonably lazy.

I should enjoy my privileges while they last.